Province Officers


2016-2018 Province Sigma Council

dsc_3164-2-lJames Balandrán (Texas-Dallas ’10)

Province Archon

Balandran is a graduate Texas – Dallas (Texas Chi). During his undergraduate experience, he served many roles, including Eminent Deputy Archon, Member Educator, and Chairman of the chapter’s charity concert. He also served as a Leadership School Ambassador and Co-Chairman of the Convention Ritual committee. As an alumnus, in addition to Province Sigma Archon, he serves as Deputy Chairman of the Council of Province Archons. Balandran has served as Texas Chi Chapter Adviser, President of the Texas Chi Alumni Association, member of the National Technology Committee, among other roles at the local, Province, and national levels. Balandran is a recipient of the Order of the Minerva, Order of the Lion, and two-time recipient the Order of the Phoenix. He works as an IT Consultant and resides in Frisco, TX.



martin-ryan-1000816646-5x7Ryan Martin (Wichita State ’01)
Province Treasurer

Martin is a 2001 graduate of Kansas Gamma (Wichita State University).  At Wichita State, Martin was a two-term Eminent Treasurer and also served as Student Body Treasurer for two terms.   Following his graduation, Martin was appointed as House Corporation Treasurer for the Kansas Gamma house corporation, a role he served in until 2010.    Martin was elected as Province Zeta Sr. Deputy Archon in 2002 and as Province Zeta Archon in 2004, a role he held until 2009.

Martin is a recipient of the Order of the Lion, Order of Minerva, and the Merit Key. Martin also serves as a board member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Financial & Housing Corporation.  He has served as Province Sigma Treasurer since 2012. Martin works for Bell Helicopter Textron as manager of real estate, energy and facility support services, and lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife Romy and their children.


parmMichael Parmerlee (Texas-Dallas ’07)

Province Warden

Parmerlee is a charter member of the Texas Chi chapter (Texas-Dallas). After graduation, Parmerlee attended the University of Texas School of Law. As an undergraduate, he served many roles in the chapter, including Eminent Archon, Eminent Deputy Archon, New Member Educator, and Continuing Education Chair, and is a two-time graduate of the John O. Moseley Leadership School. Parmerlee also served as president of the Interfraternity Council, as an orientation leader, and served for two years on the UTD Student Fee Committee. As an alumnus, he has served as Chapter Adviser for Texas Chi and on the board of the Texas Chi Alumni Association as well as various roles within Province Sigma. Parmerlee is a recipient of the Order of the Lion and Order of Minerva. He is Associate General Counsel for Golden Operating Corporation, and resides in Richardson, TX.



reedReed Pierce (Houston ’17)
Province Recorder






34_lloyd-blondinhilton-comLloyd Blondin (Texas-Tyler ’11)
Province Herald

Blondin is a founding member of Texas Zeta. As an undergraduate at UT Tyler, he was selected for several leadership positions in the chapter and campus community. He served in roles for student government, new student orientation, and worked as an assistant in the Greek Life office. He was Texas Zeta’s Eminent Archon for two terms and during that time, earned the  Outstanding Student Organization President award. After graduation, he went on to volunteer for Province Sigma and has been the director of their leadership school since 2015 and is an Order of the Lion recipient. He currently resides in Dallas and works as a Revenue Manager for Hilton Worldwide.



navaltaConnor Navalta (Texas A&M ’18)
Province Chronicler






Alan Fischer
Regional Director – Dennis

You can check out Fischer’s FSC staff profile here.